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Solutions for schools and local authorities

For over 20 years, we’ve helped schools and local authorities put the right measures in place for their pupils.

Whatever your pupils’ circumstances, we’ll help them catch up.

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Achieve their targets

Find the right scheme for your learners

Our tailored tutoring programmes lift up the prospects of underachieving learners.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tuition. Our catch up programmes are carefully planned around your pupils’ needs. We start by finding out your pupils’ circumstances and work from there.

Solutions for pupils in school

Are your learners in school? Our Supplementary Provision (SP) package will enrich their classroom education.
SP is a tailored, comprehensive tuition programme delivered one-to-one and in small groups. Sessions complement the school curriculum and clear up areas of difficulty.

Our trained tutors address learning gaps, improve confidence and accelerate progress and attainment. Tuition is delivered at school or from the home, either in person or online.

Solutions for pupils not in school

Our Alternative Provision (AP) service caters for pupils who are not able to attend school. This may be due to behavioural, mental health, cognitive or other reasons.

Our Programme Leads develop a holistic learning programme, tailored to each pupils’ needs. Tutors work to get learners ready to return to school or a permanent education provision.

Our AP Programmes serve as an interim replacement for primary or secondary school. They include up to 5 subjects, from 5-25 hours per week for up to a full academic year.

We maintain constant communication with the LA or school. Clients can view data on learner attendance and progress in real time.

A dedicated Programme Lead oversees the full education programme and tuition delivered. They liaise with parents/carers, tutors, schools and the learner. This transparency boosts progress.

A culture of expertise


Your pupils will learn from qualified tutors with degrees in their subjects.

AP sessions are normally one-to-one, delivered by tutors with extensive SEN expertise.

We strictly limit SP class sizes to ensure learning remains.

Data-driven learning

All our tuition programmes start with a benchmarking assessment. We use the results to put together an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each learner.

Tutors keep records of each session. These feed into larger monthly reports on progress against initial benchmarks.

We also use this data to assure the quality of our SP and AP programmes. When learners fall off track, our Quality Assurance team make the appropriate interventions to put them on the right path.

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A learning system that adapts to each child


Our Student and Tutor Educational Performance System (STEPS) tailors learning to every individual and makes progress trackable.

Weaving the learning journey together

Children can’t lift up their academic performance single-handed. Better outcomes depend on close collaboration between pupils, tutors, institutions and course providers.

In a four-way process, productive communication is a challenge in itself. STEPS makes this coordination seamless.

Syncing the classroom with the Cloud


STEPS blends in-person and digital techniques to make the learning process accountable.

From benchmarking to detailed progress monitoring, our sophisticated online platform enriches tuition sessions. Tutors, schools and AP settings can keep track of each lesson in close detail. Learners can keep up their momentum in their own time with remote access to our library of resources.

Great tutors help children make breakthroughs. STEPS ensures that those eureka moments are never lost.

Five steps to changing children’s lives

STEPS raises attainment over a series of stages.

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1. Assessment

To start the process, each child completes an assessment through our online portal.

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2. Individual Learning Plan

The tutor uses the results to design a bespoke learning plan that will guide each tuition session.

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3. Session reports

After each session, the tutor puts together a brief report covering engagement and attendance. These reports are visible to all parties.

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4. Detailed progress reports

Every 6 weeks, the tutor reassesses the pupil to measure progress achieved to date against targets set.  The tutor compiles a brief report summarising progress achieved to date and outlines the learning plan and targets for the next 6 weeks.

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5. Online tuition platform

Our secure online tuition platform allows tutor and pupil(s) to see one another throughout the live remote tuition session and share learning resources.  Interactive whiteboard, text editor and other interactive tools make lessons engaging and fun.


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Parkside Middle School

"We've seen a real boost in the children's confidence and abilities, so thank you for making a huge impact...The pupils all loved having their weekly sessions..."

All our education programmes include

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Benchmarked assessment

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Individual education plans

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Session reports

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Progress reports

Keep track of your pupils’ progress at every stage of their tuition

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