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Change pupils’ lives with your National Tutoring Programme grant

Our specialist tuition programmes have raised pupils’ attainment for over 20 years. As a DfE-accredited Tuition Partner, we can tailor the right solution to your school’s needs.

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Let’s stop pupils getting left behind

The attainment gap between pupils from different backgrounds remains stubbornly high.

Even before the pandemic, disadvantaged pupils lagged behind their peers in school. The legacy of lockdown has only made these discrepancies starker. The Education Endowment Foundation has found that NTP leads to significantly better results in Maths and English.

Every pupil should be given the best shot at success. But schools can’t always do that on their own.

Invest your funding in their futures

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is a major opportunity to improve struggling pupils’ outcomes.

Every school receives funding to cover the majority of their catch-up tutoring costs. How you spend that money is up to you.

Whatever your choice, Fleet is here to support you. We can manage and deliver quality-assured tuition programmes, online and in person.

Close the gap with the experts in catch-up tutoring

Fleet has played a leading role in the NTP since it began in 2020. As official Tuition Partners, we have delivered top-quality tutoring in hundreds of schools.

Our tutors know how to close attainment gaps. That’s why 86% of our learners met or exceeded their attainment targets in 2022/23. 

We’re ready to turn your pupils’ results around.

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Harlington School, London

"We have used Fleet Tutors for a number of years now and have never been disappointed with the service.

A Year 9 pupil was referred to us recently who had high emotional needs and it was clear that academic work was not his priority. The tutor’s patience and understanding helped the boy engage in learning despite his emotional needs, and he built up a very good relationship with the tutor

Take on the highest quality tutors

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Our tutors come with years of experience in classrooms and private practice

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Our rigorous recruitment and vetting policies ensure the highest calibre educators

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We can find experts across subject matters, year groups and even exam boards

Meet some of our NTP 1000+ tutors

Jaesun Koo


MSc Chemistry, PhD Mathematics, PGCE Secondary Mathematics


An experienced tutor and qualified teacher, Jaesun has tutored for schools for some 13 years. Her experience at teaching both KS3 and GCSE maths helps her to tailor her tuition to fit each individual pupil, ensuring they have strong foundations on which to build success. Jaesun has also worked with SEN pupils, helping to develop their confidence.

Desmond Mohamed


BSc Physics, PGCE Physics and Mathematics


As a head of department for over 20 years, Desmond’s teaching and tutoring career spans 35 years in the classroom, and he has also worked as an examiner along the way, marking test papers. Having worked with pupils of all abilities, Desmond has a particular interest in motivating pupils whose academic progress falls short of their potential.

Jenna Adcock


BA European International Studies, MA Religious and Social History, PGCE History


Jenna is a qualified teacher with a love of history. Her students regularly achieve higher grades than predicted. Jenna puts student needs at the heart of her planning and tutorials, allowing her to bring out the best in them and believes students perform strongest when they are excited and engaged by the subject they are learning.

Outcome-focused tutoring

Tutoring works best when it’s tailored to your learners.

The first thing we do is find out how each pupil learns. We use these benchmarks to create an Individual Learning Plan. This lays out their targets and objectives.

We keep a record of the pupil’s performance in each session. This helps us construct bespoke Progress Reports every six weeks. These reports tell us how each pupil is performing against their personal goals.

Learning plan

Initial assessment | Target | Goals

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Session reports

Objectives | Attendance | Engagement

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Progress reports

Progression against target issued every six weeks

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