Key Information

Information about our safeguarding policies and procedures and our tutor recruitment and selection policy.

Working in partnership with both tutors and clients, Fleet Education Services puts safeguarding at the centre of everything we do.  Fleet Education Services adheres to KCSIE guidance and puts safeguarding at the heart of our recruitment, vetting and working with schools, pupils, tutors and other stakeholders.

If you have any questions about our safeguarding and safer recruitment practices, please refer to our policies below which contain relevant contact details.

If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding the service we provide, please report those concerns immediately to your dedicated Tuition Coordinator or Fleet Education Services’ DSL who will guide you through our process.

When working with clients and tutors, we also value your privacy and security of data.  If you have any questions or concerns, please raise these with your Tuition Coordinator.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas for improving our service to you.  Please do communicate this to our Tuition Coordination Team or tell us at

If you need to make a complaint, then please refer to our Complaints procedure to ensure it is handled in the best way to get a positive resolution.