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Welcome to our FAQs section. Here, you’ll find answers to common inquiries about our tuition services. If you need more information, please contact our team directly.

What subjects does Fleet Education Services provide tuition for?

We can provide tuition for all National Curriculum subjects across the Primary and Secondary phases, as well as A Level subjects, ESOL, EAL, and Functional Skills.

Does Fleet Education Services provide both face to face tuition and online tuition?

Yes, and our online tuition is delivered via our own secure dedicated virtual classroom platform.

Can Fleet Education Services offer individual tuition and small group tuition?

Yes. We offer Supplementary Tuition (SP) highly suitable for school based small group tuition and for individuals such as CLA needing subject support and Alternative Provision (AP) tuition that is designed to support the individual learner with more complex requirements.

Does Fleet Education Services provide tuition during school holidays?

Yes, and for students currently behind where their learning needs to be it can be invaluable to have some additional sessions during the longer holiday breaks to maintain momentum.

Can Fleet Education Services support CYP with SEND and additional needs?

Yes, our AP Tuition is particularly designed to support those with SEND needs including those with EHCP, in transition between educational establishments, or not accessing education for a wide range of reasons. Our AP tuition takes a holistic approach to engaging, supporting and encouraging the learner to make progress against agreed targets, and provide a transitioning bridge to an educational setting, college or into the world of work.

Can Fleet Education Services support CYP with transition between educational settings?

Yes, we act as an interim support for continued learning between placements – whether that is from one mainstream school to another, or to a specialist provision, or other onward establishment, college or work. Ongoing support by our tutors into the new setting can really help during the settling in period, and for AP Tuition, this can include ongoing support by our Programme Lead.

What assessments, reports and student data does Fleet Education Services provide?

We use our own dedicated, secure tuition management platform; STEPS. Every learner receives a benchmarked assessment and an individual learning plan. Each tuition session is recorded within STEPS so that attendance, engagement and progression is recorded and measured at every stage of their tuition Programme. For AP tuition, the Programme starts with an assessment by one of our experienced Alternative Provision Consultants that includes a Programme Summary which sets out how learning will take place. A summary of reports will be sent to you each month.

Can I access these reports myself?

Yes, each referrer is sent a secure, encrypted link to quickly and easily register themselves on our STEPS platform allowing you to access, download and share with relevant stakeholders at any time during the duration of tuition.

What else does your tuition service offer?

For both SP, and AP, we have a Quality Assurance team who ensure tuition delivered by our tutors is effective as possible. The QA team support and work with our tutors. Our AP tuition is a fully Programme managed offer, overseen by a Programme Lead (PL) who provides a supporting link between learner, referrer, parent/carer and other stakeholders as required. The PL oversees the tuition Programme to ensure attendance, engagement and progression is in line with expected outcomes.

How does Fleet Education Services recruit tutors?

A: All our tutors are experienced educators and are matched to your learners based on their subject, SEND or other experience, and their ability to build rapport, deal with challenging situations and adapt their teaching to the needs of your learner. All will have completed accredited training in delivering effective tuition, safeguarding and child protection training and are fully vetted in accordance with Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidance. You can find more information on our polices and process here.

Geographically, where does Fleet Education Services offer tuition?

Our ambition is to provide national coverage. With the flexibility of online or face to face tuition we can support learners wherever they are in the UK.

What is your cancellation policy?

We aim to offer flexible solutions for your CYP, and we recognise that circumstances can change rapidly. A Programme of tuition can be amended to reflect changing circumstances. This can include increasing or reducing the number of hours of tuition, extending or curtailing the period over which tuition takes place. Simply talk to us to discuss any changing requirement.

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